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It's NEVER too late to make changes to your Health. You just need to decide when you are ready!



This photo was taken on a BRILLIANT girls night just as we were allowed to hang out with small groups in November 2020! As you can tell it was not a quiet night and it was just what we all needed after the weirdest time in all our lives.

The next morning we all shared the silly pics we had taken the night before, lots of laughs and all nursing spectacular hangovers!

However, the minute I saw this photo my mood changed! I forgot about all the fun I had had the night before all I could focus on was the glaring "spare tyre" popping out under my lovely top.........!

From that moment I just thought "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" I am no longer feeling like this. It made me really wake up and think.

I had gone for years yoyo dieting, trying every belly fat/6 pack abs/flat stomach fad diet/method going that had NEVER worked.

I was always "hiding" my tummy with clever clothing, getting frustrated that I never felt good in what I was wearing. Dreading hot holidays and the moment I had to wear a bikini!

Feeling fed up with myself both physically and mentally as I wasn't where I wanted to be or then again thought I should be.

Thinking I was eating well, missing out on nights out because I was on yet another regime, or I was determined to lose that few pounds in record time. Being incredibly frustrated that NOTHING worked.

I had gone for tests to see if I could find a solution as I thought there must be some allergy or reason I was unable to lose the weight/tummy and also why I was experiencing the digestive and constant candida issues I was experiencing and had yet to find a permanent fix for.

Again NOTHING seemed to be to work and no solution or change could be found.

Would I just have to settle for feeling like this or was I just kidding myself with everything I thought I was doing "right"???

So WHAT was the thing that made the change?



In the past I had gone along with the one size fits all approach of buying a book, going along with a magazine diet, believing an 20 year old influencer on Instagram.

None of that worked because we are all INDIVIDUALS and all our bodies are INDIVIDUALS and there isn't just one reason for an issue you may be experiencing with your health. Looking at the whole person is key.

I decided that my physical and mental health were being too impacted by how I was feeling so I contacted a Nutritionist. Spilled all the beans and she gave me a 21 day programme to follow.

The difference with this programme was it wasn't complicated, it was simple, it was doable, no fads, no pills and it was only 21 days.

I could do this and I was going to go FULL OUT.

The difference this time was my mindset. I decided that I was ready to make the changes to my health, the time was right for ME, I was able to give this my full attention and I had someone I had to be accountable to as I checked in with her every week for the 21 days. I was not going to fuck this up AGAIN!

21 Days later I was 11 lbs down, feeling lighter, healthier, happier and realised this was how I wanted to feel for the rest of my life. It was something I could stick to 80% of the time.

3 years on I still follow the basic principles of the programme and it also sparked my passion to work in the Health world.

In Jan 2021 I started my course to become a Health Coach as I realised from speaking to friends and other women that I was not alone in my thoughts and frustrations and I was passionate about helping Women transform their health so they could also make the changes they want to make to their health that could implement in their lives!

My story is one I hear a lot and I hope my story has helped you, I hope it resonates with you and I hope it helps you have your "enough is enough" moment to make the changes you are looking to make on your health journey, to having more energy, losing weight, removing any digestive issues you may be experiencing, removing any joint or muscle pain you have, skin issues, improve your mental wellbeing and generally feel healthier and happier


I am passionate about helping women feel healthier and happy, as we are the ones who keep us and our families lives running smoothly so we need to be feeling our best to be able to achieve this on a daily basis.


If this sounds like the approach you think will work for you and you want to know more you are one click away from a free chat with me for 30 mins! Click the button below to book the call that could change your life

Good Health is the key to unlocking your greatest potential.  Let me help you get there!



It's always daunting asking for help especially from someone you don't know! I get it before I became a Health Coach and Consultant I was hesitant about speaking to someone about my health issues but when I did it changed my life for the better! I am now in control of my health, my digestive issues, my eating habits and my energy levels! I can help you with any issues you may be experiencing!

For More Testimonials click on the box below!

Remember it's NEVER too late to Improve your Health.

Get in touch today!

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