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Gut Health and Inflammation
The Basics?

What is Inflammation?

Inflammation is a naturally healthy immune response that the body triggers to defend us or repair.

When you cut yourself and the skin reddens around the cut, this inflammatory response helps your body to heal.

However, sustained and ongoing inflammation, caused by diet and lifestyle, also called chronic inflammation, is highly damaging to our bodies and minds.

When not linked to a virus, most health issues or symptoms you might be experiencing generally have their root in chronic inflammation. 

Weight gain, Difficulty losing weight, Anxiety, bloating, hormonal issues, infertility, autoimmune disorders, depression, major mental disorders, eczema, rosacea, PCOS, Crohn’s disease, colitis, psoriasis, acid reflux, arthritis, joint pain, brain fog, low energy levels, stiffness, low mood, acne, dermatitis, headaches, migraines, premature aging, alopecia…. are all linked to chronic inflammation.

Don't worry it’s never too late to lower your inflammation.  

If you are feeling any of the symptoms mentioned above.  Get in touch.  We can talk and we can see how you can get back to feeling your BEST again. 

You deserve it!

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How can Inflammation be removed?

There are various ways to remove inflammation in the body. 

The easiest and quickest way to remove the inflammation in our body is through dietary and lifestyle changes.

Our diets, without us even realising it are causing inflammation in our body on a daily basis.  A lot of the foods we eat today have been modified for mass production so we really need to know what we are eating and where our food is coming from and how it is affecting our bodies. Having this information will help us choose a better diet.

A whole food diet is a diet rich in nutrients, minerals and vitamins we need to help our bodies from function from the inside out. 

Providing our body with these powerhouses will keep our bodies working at their optimum so we are supported and able to function at our best on a daily basis. 

Our busy lifestyles, as women, are causing us to be inflammed in both our minds and our bodies.  We are constantly on the go with many balls being juggled in the air.  We need to look after ourselves and our bodies to make sure we are able to cope with life in general.

Movement is another way to remove inflammation.  Our lives are becoming more sedentary causing our bodies to be unable to remove the toxins causing some of the inflammation in our bodies.


Small steps each day to increase our daily movement will improve how we feel both in our bodies and our minds.  

None of the ways I help women remove the inflammation in their bodies are complicated, time consuming or expensive.

Living life without inflammation is accessible to all.

If you want to live your best and healthiest life today click on the link below to book your life changing FREE call.

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