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I have worked with many women who have been experiencing symptoms that have been stopping them feel full or energy, healthy and happy.  they had no idea these symptoms were related to Inflammation in their bodies and their gut health.

By improving their gut health and removing the Inflammation in their bodies they have reduced and removed the symptoms or blocks they were experiencing and are living lives with more energy and feeling healthier and happy every day!

Below are some of their testimonials

"Bloody loved this programme. Nina is passionate, knowledgeable and encouraging. Her daily checkins have kept me going, and she is always available to answer questions and provide tips.

I have shed a few pounds and feel more energetic. It’s def a work in progress (to be continued!)!! Thank you Nina!! When’s the next programme??!! "

"For ages I’ve been waking up with swollen hands (rings won’t come off) which means my lymph’s aren’t draining properly. This morning  my rings came off!! I also feel lighter and have more energy."

"I always knew what I should be eating, but putting that into practice seemed hard and unrealistic. My sweet tooth and afternoon snacking was a problem and I now realise how heavily I relied on carbs during the week for a quick and easy supper. Pasta and potatoes were my staple and toast and apple juice were my morning go to. My night time palpitations and sweats have eased - I guess I am just giving myself food that my body is enjoying digesting and not having to work so hard to break down all the sugars etc. 


The thing that has previously confused me the most is having to watch my cholesterol and perhaps eating more carbs than fat to try and keep on top of this. The truth is less carbs and more protein make me feel better and I have realised that my achy joints and arthritic feeling in my hands every morning were more to do with food / sugar than anything else. 


The meal planning advice and top tips you gave at the start were really helpful and I have enjoyed your morning motivational messages. Although I have always eaten a huge array of vegetables I have found myself creating new recipes and cooking new things which has been refreshing. 


Overall I have not found it nearly as hard as I thought I would as I was never hungry as the foods I have been eating have kept me sustained. The best thing for me has been breaking the cycle of bad habits in relation to snacking and being strict about having that square of dark chocolate for a sweet hit, rather than getting stuck into the biscuit tin! Being accountable to someone (particularly you!) definitely helps when trying to stick to a healthy eating regime!


I have lost weight, my love handles have definitely shrunk and I have really enjoyed waking in the morning without the immediate adrenaline rush of anxiety, thinking “what do I need to do, where do I need to be, who needs me” which is a horrid way to start the day. It is nice to wake up feeling calmer and not angry with myself that once again, I got stuck into the biscuit tin! 


I felt slightly groggy in Week 2 and I am not sure whether that was my body getting used to the diet or just a low lying germ. Week 2 was definitely when I started to feel the weight loss.


I feel excited that I have the tools to move forward and feel motivated to try and stick to the regime now that I have lost weight and have seen the benefits of reducing inflammation in such a short space of time. I am less spotty and blotchy and my skin has not felt as itchy."

21 Days to More Energy

Do you want to feel like the lovely ladies I have worked with?

Do you want to have more energy and feel healthy and happy?

I want you to feel full of energy, healthy and happy and you can!.  I want you feel in control of your body and mind.  I want you to have more energy and vitality in life!

If this is how you want to feel I would love to chat.  I am here for you because I want this for you. 


If you would like to talk through your new way of life and see how I can help you click on the button below.  The call is FREE with no obligation to book anything at the end.  

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