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Health Tests

YourGutMap Digestive Health Inflammation Gut Microbiome Gut Health Food Sensitivity DNA Test Genetic Test
YourGutMap Digestive Health Inflammation Gut Microbiome Gut Health Food Sensitivity DNA Test Genetic Test

Why Health Testing

Changing your diet and lifestyle can help to remove, reduce and improve any health symptoms you are having. 

However, in some cases, getting a deeper understanding of what, genetically and scientifically, is going on inside your body carrying out more in depth tests such as stool, blood and urine test can help uncover whether there is something more going on. These tests give a deeper understanding of any allergies, sensitivites or genetic markers that are causing the health issues.

I have taken these tests for myself and it gave me a better understanding of what does or doesn't work for me. How my genetic make up can be supported.

It's a great way to understand and have evidence that what you are experiencing is not all in your head and something can be done to help you improve any health issues you are experiencing.

I am working with YourGutMap to bring you the lastest in Health Testing Kits that give an all round look at your health.


YourGutMap kits are very easy to use and provide easy to understand results documentation. 


You will not be left on your own to decipher the results, included in the price of the kits is a 30 minute call to help you understand the results of the test you have taken and how you can benefit and use the information from the results to better achieve lifelong optimum health.

There are three tests that I carry out on clients. These are the three tests, I feel are most beneficial and will give each client the answers they are searching for.


Your digestive system is home to trillions of bacteria that make up your Microbiome.

Modern diets, lifestyles, and medication can cause imbalances in the microbiome, which are linked to chronic inflammation and metabolic dysfunction which are the key influences of many health problems.

Taking the Gut Microbiome Stool Test can identify these microbiome imbalances and give you the knowledge to improve and manage the issues, you are experiencing, caused by an imbalanced Microbiome.

Included in the cost of the Kit is a 30 Minute FREE call to discuss the result of the test.

Cost £300


Your Genetics play a crucial role in your health, but your genes do not have to be your destiny.


Understanding your genetic predispositions can give you the vital tools to understand and manage your health.

There is a two-way interaction between your DNA and your lifestyle, testing gives you the tools to help optimise your nutrition and health in line with your genes.


Testing explores your personal genetic profile within the context of 8 elements of health and wellbeing: digestion, metabolism, stress, immunity, nutrients, stimulants, exercise and sleep.

The test is a simple at home saliva swab. 

Instructions on how to take the test are included with the kit.

The test is sent to our Lab for analysis. This takes up to 3 weeks to get the results as the lab is in Austria.

The results of your test provide detailed insights into which aspects of your genetic makeup can affect your health. Unlocking key health insights.

Included in the price of the test is a call with me to go 

through your test results to explain everything and also give you the tools and advice you need to work with your DNA results.

Cost £300


A food sensitivity is developed due to an adverse delayed response to foods that is usually caused by the immune system. 

A food sensitivity develops typically as a sign that the foods being consumed are not being effectively digested and larger particles are entering the bloodstream as undigested proteins which can trigger an immune response as a result of this it can cause inflammation in the body that provokes symptoms of sensitivity.

Through a simple finger pricks test, we can help identify raised levels against trigger foods in the diet.


Having a guided food elimination diet helps identify food to consume, limit or avoid being able to reduce the immune load/ inflammation in the body. 


This would then form the basis of a three month diet plan in order to allow the symptoms to reduce.

Included in the cost of the Kit there will be a free 30 minute call where we can discuss the sensitivities that have come up and how you can change your diet accordingly.

Cost £250

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