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What is a Health Coach?

What is a Health Coach?

A Health Coach supports and guides you to achieve better health and wellness through a natural approach.

It is a gentle approach to a life with better health choices that can help you get back mental clarity, physical wellbeing, better sleep and lower stress and much more.  

Working together we find out why you are feeling the way you are feeling, how you can get back control of your life, to overcome any habits you have that are not serving you anymore. To overcoming any negative feelings you have about yourself or your life in general.

As a Health Coach who specialises in removing Inflammation in the body.


I will help you learn how what you eat, the food you buy, the movement you choose on a daily basis can impact your body, positively or negatively and how small changes to these areas in your life can have a huge impact on how you feel, how you look and how your life can be.  

These simple changes will remove the inflammation you have in your body, which will have a huge impact on your life.


Having a Health Coach on hand can give you the support, guidance and  accountability, you need, to keep going and help you feel empowered and positive to get to your goals and reduce the effects the inflammation in your body is making you feel.


As your Health Coach I am your champion who is invested in your health and wellbeing and will help you achieve and see better results.


You will have daily support throughout your journey and beyond.

Investing in your Health will be the greatest gift you will give yourself

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Why a Health Coach?

Working with me, as a Health Coach, is a more holistic way of looking at your life, taking your whole life into account, not focusing on one area you feel you need help.  Instead a Health Coach finds the root cause or problem you are facing and helps you understand this.


It's not just about being given a one sizes fits all plan.  You are YOU.  You are YOUR body, You are YOUR mind.  What's happening is happening to YOU.


It's about looking at you as an individual and seeing how you live your life, how you feel about yourself, how you would like to live your life, how you would like to feel.  Realising where the inflammation is affecting you and finding a path, that suits your lifestyle, to start reducing the inflammation in your body.

The simple and smart changes we will make together will start to create the life you should be living. 

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