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What is Inflammation, Why is it so Bad for us and How can we remove it from our Bodies????

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

What is Inflammation?

There are two types of Inflammation that we have occurring in our bodies. i

Normal Inflammation is the body’s response to a problem. It’s a normal, important reaction that signals to the immune system that something is wrong, so it can then fight off infection or heal injuries. When we get a cut or when we have a cold our body can go to the area thats being affected by the "inflammation" and deal with it in its own way. It's usually a quick and natural thing that the body can deal with.

Chronic inflammation, which I am passionate about removing from women's bodies, is related to your health. This is the inflammation caused by the food we are consuming and the lifestyles we are leading. Most of the time this is no fault of our own.

However, it's important that we educate ourselves as to what causes this chronic inflammation and learn how we can remove the inflammation in our bodies.

Why is it important to remove this inflammation from our bodies?

Our bodies were not designed to deal with constant inflammation. They were not designed to constantly be fighting to remove the inflammation itself. With our food being so easily available and also being so highly processed, without us realising, our bodies are in this constant state of trying to fight off the inflammation our food is causing.

What we eat is not the only thing in our lives that is causing us to be chronically inflammed. Our modern day lifestyles are also a factor in this. Our lives are more sedentary these days which is a contributing factor in inflammation being able to manifest itself in our bodies. When we move we remove the toxins in our bodies. Being sedentary means this action is not happening. The daily stress we are under from our jobs, family life and what we experience and see in our every day lives is also causing the inflammation in our bodies to be heightened. Poor sleep can also affect the way our bodies function and naturally detox our systems overnight. So as you can see there are many factors that cause the inflammation we may be experiencing.

If we ignore the signs that our bodies are dealing with inflammation, we run the risk of getting diseases like diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and heart disease.

These diseases in both Women and Men can be debilitating and at worse fatal.

Knowing the signs that your body is dealing with chronic inflammation is the first step to finding out the ways you can remove the inflammation.

What are the signs our bodies are dealing with inflammation?

There are many signs that inflammation is causing problems within our bodies:

Weight Gain or the Inability to Lose Weight

No matter what age you are, your body is changing and your hormones are changing. This in itself can affect your weight, however the food we eat is also a huge factor in causing our bodies to be inflammed and therefore causing us to gain weight and be unable to lose it as the food we are eating, althought some is seen as "diet", "clean", "good for you" or "low fat". These foods are actually the thing that is stopping from getting to your weight goals.

A Whole Food Diet, meaning foods in their whole form without any modifications made to them, is the diet that will help you to get to any weight goals you have or to deal with any weight problems you are experiencing. If we nourish our body with these foods our bodies can start to rid themselves of the inflammatory foods it has been dealing and start accessing the more nutritious food that a Whole Foods Diet will be nourishing the body with!

Eating a large variety of plants goes a long way to help reducing the problems we face with metabolic diseases. Eating 30 different plants per week is the recommended amount - this seems like a lot but if you think that "plants" include fruit, veg, mushrooms, beans, lentils, herbs, spices, nuts and seeds.

Anxiety, Low Mood, Overwhelm and Brain Fog

All these feelings are again linked to inflammatory foods. Feeding the brain with nutrient rich foods, good oils, good fats and proteins will help relieve these Mental Health symptoms. Movement and Exercise will also relieve these feelings. Getting outside during the day is a great mood booster and also helps with getting some clarity if you are feeling any of these symptoms. Reducing stress and having a good sleep routine will also allow the brain to rest and restore to be able to support our mind for the day to come.

Skin Issues - Acne, Rosacea and Rashes

Your skin is the largest organ in the body. Feeding, Nourishing and detoxing your skin with food and movement will help with any of the skin problems you are encountering. Feeding from the inside will show on the outside. You can use as many beauty products as you like but if you aren't nourishing your skin from the inside there is not much point in applying anything topically. Movement and Exercise help to flush out toxins through the skin, detoxing the body through sweating is a quick and easy way to help the body remove any inflammation inside it. Hydrating yourself throughout the day is another way to flush out toxins and keeping your skin looking and feeling hydrated and plump.

Joint and Muscle Pain

When we are inflammed we feel it in our bones and muscles. Sometimes this is due to an action your are not used to, especially in fitness and the body is primed to repair these areas and also these small stressors are good for the body as they are part of the way the body strengthens the bones and muscles. However, when the inflammation is constant and chronic in the muscles and the joints this is a sign of inflammation that is not helping the body. It also can cause us to feel that we can't carry on with our everyday lives which then means we become less active, which leads us to deal with problems with our Mental Health and therefore sets the viscious cycle of the inflammation leading to other more serious health factors

How can we remove the inflammation in our bodies??

There is no short answer to this and it all depends on the symptoms you are experiencing but the first step would be to look at your diet? What are you consuming on a daily basis. What are you drinking on a daily basis? Is your food fresh or out of a packet? Do you eat snacks? Does your diet consist of eating sugary foods and drinks, alcohol on a regular basis, refined white grains such as rice, pasta, bread and pastries and ultra processed packaged foods???

Keeping a food diary can help to determine exactly what you are consuming on a daily and weekly basis. Once this has been established we can then look at changes that can be made and adding in more of the foods that will nourish the body and therefore removing the inflammation.

However, this is not a quick fix, there is more to this both mentally and physically. Changing habits that have been with you for a very long time, learning new ways to eat and live are a process that should not be rushed!

Want to know more????

If anything in this post has resonated with you and you are experiencing these symptoms and you want to remove these blocks from your life, email me on the contact below and let me help you understand what we can do together to get you back to feeling and functioning at your best.

I want ALL Women of ALL ages to feel their best, look their best and be their best and this way of living is accessible to all!


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