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How to Future Proof Your Body

Updated: Sep 14

Reset and fuel your body for your future health

It's never too late to rest your body and future proof it.

No one is perfect their whole lives, there are times where we don't even think about what we eat and to be honest we are enjoying life and that should be a given. There are times in our lives where hormonal changes makes us wonder what is going on in our bodies. There are also times where we realise that something is amiss and that looking at how we live might be a way to change how we feel. It's never too late to make changes to our health for our future lives than thinking it's all too late and we can't change anything.

Change means different things for different women - as I keep banging on about - we are all different so therefore we all react in different ways to diet and nutrition.

The easiest way to future proof our bodies is to get the nutrients back into our bodies and start to enjoy food that is nourishing us. When you reset your bodies to eat in a way that is nourishing to your body will also help to keep our bodies working at their optimum and improve our Health, to keep us able to live our lives at our best.

Try some of the tips below to get your bodies nourished!

Eat the rainbow - having a colour plate of food is not only more enjoyable to eat its also nourishing your body and more importantly your gut and the microbiomes in your gut that run your whole body. They love diversity so having lots of different foods flowing through your gut on a daily basis feeds the microbiome to work optimally to keep your body working to its maximum and also helps it fight any disease that could try to compromise your body.

Make mealtimes special. No matter if you are eating on your own or eating with others. Make this time special.

Enjoy the food you are eating. Eat food that you love. Theres no point in eating food you hate just because you think its the right thing to be doing. I cannot stand Kale so its never in my diet!

Try to have your meals sitting down. There are so many lunchtimes that I have just standing at the island having my lunch and not savouring it. Only sit down once the full meal is ready and the table is set. The whole ceremony of this is part of eating well. Make it feel like a restaurant experience - white tablecloth optional!!!

Meal planning can also help. Being prepared is also an easy way to make sure you are getting nourishing meals. Having food in the fridge that you can prepare quickly or heat up makes life easier for everyone and doesn't allow for the "fuck it bucket" to appear!!

Like with all things to do with change, don't try to do all the above. Implement one of these things into your life once a week. Create the habit in your daily meals and see how it makes you feel after 7 days. I can guarantee you won't be disappointed!


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