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21 Day Reset 

The Reset is about resetting your body over 21 days with some small changes in the way you eat, move and look after yourself.  

There are no restrictive diet and exercise plans.  It's all about learning that these small changes can help you feel better, move better and look better and as a bonus, lose any stubborn weight gain you are not happy with.


It's more of a lifestyle overhaul rather than a diet and it can be used at anytime you feel you need a reset


The Reset includes: ​

  • Initial "Get to know you" 30 min call 

  • Sample Menu which you can choose what you eat

  • Exercise and Movement Ideas to add into your day/week

  • Daily Self Care ideas to add daily

  • Nutrition Tips - Store Cupboard Essentials list

  • Recipe Ebook

  • Habit Tracker to keep you accountable

  • Lifestyle and Feelings Journal

  • Whatsapp contact with me throughout the Reset

Total package cost: £150

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